April Car Accidents in Iowa

Posted on Apr 19, 2013

Police Chase Ends in Car Crash

Peter Wiley of Des Moines, Iowa was driving north in the southbound lanes of Highway 69 on April 4 when Jonathan Salesberry, a police officer in a police vehicle, began pursuing him.  Wiley ran into a speed limit sign during the chase, breaking it from the post and causing it to be trapped under the police vehicle.  Wiley then quickly stopped his vehicle, while Officer Salesberry continued to follow him and ran into the back of Wiley’s car.  Both vehicles were damaged, but neither part was injured.


Young Driver Fails to Follow Traffic Controls in Hardin County

On April 11, eighteen year-old Zachary Lindaman of Wellsburg, Iowa was northbound on V Ave. when he failed to yield at the 130th St. intersection.  Teri Crabtree-Kinney was driving west on 130th at this time and struck Mr. Lindaman’s car on the right rear fender.  Ms. Crabtree-Kinney’s car sustained considerable damage to the front bumper, and was towed from the scene.  Neither party was injured.


Two Car Crash in Dickinson County

Isaac Hoff of Spirit Lake, Iowa was driving east on Highway 9 on April 12 behind another car driven by Robin Lock of Emmetsburg, Iowa.  Ms. Lock was slowing down to turn onto 340th Ave. when she was struck by Mr. Hoff riding behind her.  Mr. Hoff failed to see the other car slow down.  Ms. Lock’s vehicle was pushed into the ditch at the intersection and struck a stop sign.  Ms. Lock was transported to Lakes Regional Health Care for minor injuries.


Camper Accident in Pottawattamie County

Mathew Schrott of Estes Park, Colorado was driving his vehicle with a camper attached and traveling east on I-80 on April 14.  Mr. Schrott attempted to pass another vehicle, driven by John Steen of Elk Horn, Iowa, when the camper began to sway back and forth.  The camper struck the driver-side door of Mr. Steen’s vehicle and caused Mr. Steen to end up in a ditch.  Mr. Schrott’s camper jack-knifed and came to rest in the median.


Heavy Rain Leads to One-Car Crash

On April 14, John Crabtree of Epworth, Iowa was driving west on Highway 20 during a heavy rainstorm.  His vehicle started to hydroplane and lost control.  The car hit a mile marker post and came to rest on the shoulder.  Mr. Epworth was wearing his seat belt and was uninjured.


Police Chase in Wapello County

State Trooper Michael Telfer was driving on 18th Ave. on April 6 when he noticed a vehicle driving in the opposite direction with a missing headlight.  Trooper Telfer pursued the vehicle, which sped up to try to escape the officer.  The chase continued down a field drive, through a bean field, around a building, and into a yard.  Telfer ran over the base of a grain bin, damaging his vehicle, before the other vehicle stopped and the driver was arrested.  The driver’s name is Izahia Rushman.  No injuries were reported.