Adventureland Employee Dies from Ride Injuries

Posted on Jul 03, 2016

Steve Booher, an employee of Adventureland, died from injuries he received while working on the “Raging River” ride at the park on June 7th. Booher was assisting riders when he slipped and fell. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he remained on life support until Saturday, when he succumbed from his injuries. Sadly, Booher had been on the job for less than a week when the accident occurred. Proper training and the right safety equipment are the first measures against on-the-job injury prevention.

When an employee dies on the job their dependents are entitled to receive life-time weekly indemnity benefits. Those benefits can be commuted into a lump sum, but not automatically. Employees who are killed while on the job, are also entitled to limited burial benefits. This is Iowa’s way of taking care of dependents of those killed while on the job. It’s a way of taking care of Iowa’s injured work force.

  1. Adventureland Employee Dies from Injuries Sustained While Working on Ride
  2. Adventureland ride worker dies after suffering on-the-job injury
  3. Adventureland Employee dies from injuries while working on ride

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