$417 Million Baby-Powder Verdict

Posted on Aug 28, 2017

Baby Power Ovarian Cancer LawsuitsThe issue will come down to causation and whether the scientific conclusions are based on credible testing. There are over 300 lawsuits and more than 4,500 claims across the country. We have no cases in our office, but would entertain Iowa plaintiffs.

“More than 300 lawsuits are pending in California and more than 4,500 claims in the rest of the country, alleging that the health care giant ignored studies linking its Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products to cancer.”

This news article laid out the plaintiff’s testimony.

“Echeverria testified that if Johnson & Johnson, which earned a profit of $16.5 billion last year, had put a warning on the product, she would have stopped using it.

After two days of deliberating, jurors awarded Echeverria $70 million in compensatory damages and $347 million in punitive damages.

The jury panel found there was a connection between her ovarian cancer and the baby powder.”

J&J plans an appeal.

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