$148 Million Dollar Chicago Collapsed Bus Shelter Verdict

Posted on Aug 27, 2017

Property Causing Injuries, City Bus Shelter, Paralyzed There was a $148,000,000.00 PI verdict in Chicago when a bus shelter collapsed partially paralyzing a woman as she took shelter from the storm.  The woman, Tierney Darden was only 26-years-old.

Tierney Darden, 26, of Vernon Hills, the woman injured by the falling shelter, held her left hand up to her face and cried as Judge Clare McWilliams read the jury's decision in a downtown Chicago Daley Center courtroom. The trial lasted seven days and the jury deliberated four hours.

"Tierney was truly a victim of wrongful conduct by the city at O'Hare, resulting in the shelter causing a devastating injury to her," her attorney, Patrick Salvi, told reporters outside the courtroom. "We're very, very grateful that the jury recognized the severity of her injury and the long road that she has ahead of her."

Chicago is a mess, but it doesn’t give them the right to forego necessary maintenance and the inspections that uncover defects in the city improvements.

We wish Ms. Tierney well in her ongoing rehabilitation and life. 

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