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  • Helpful Personal Injury Claim Forms Are you involved in a personal injury case? Are you documenting your wage loss? If not you're making a big mistake because it's going to get harder not easier to get the money. Here at the Lombardi Law Firm we use a loss wage verification form that will help you to prove the claim for wage loss.
  • UNDERSTANDING YOUR WORKERS' COMPENSATION CASE Did you ever wonder why it takes so long to settle or try your workers' compensation claim filed in Iowa? Well it takes time to do all that needs to be done. If you understand more about the segments of your case then maybe you will understand why it takes so long to settle your workers' compensation case. We put this article in the Lombardi Law Firm Client Toolbox for your review.
  • HOW TO PREPARE FOR A DEPOSITION No one participating in a deposition should start without being properly prepared. If you're wondering how to be prepared we invite you to look at our website and read the do's and don'ts of trial preparation, especially depositions. In the client's toolbox we provide you with the right tools to be prepared for your case, for depositions or trial. Join us at the Lombardi Law Firm web site.
  • Family Law: Broken hearts and other disappointments Breaking up is hard to do. But who gets the engagement ring when the wedding is called off? In this article Steve Lombardi discussed the hows and questions to ask about whether this fight is going to be easy or even worth fighting over.
  • Auto Safety: Why do car and motorcycle accident cases take so long to conclude? Why do lawsuits take so long to conclude? That’s a question you may have asked before. Perhaps you’ve sat around the local diner complaining about the weather and as often will happen sooner or later the conversation turns to the lawyers or court system. Well let us explore what I consider to be a simple case of a car accident and perhaps you will better understand this system. This White Paper is written by Steve Lombardi of Lombardi Law Firm.