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If you’re unemployed or partially unemployed and are looking for an attorney to help you get the unemployment compensation you need, the Lombardi Law Firm is here to help.  Based in Polk County, Iowa, lawyers Stephen Lombardi and Katrina Schaefer practice statewide and are prepared to guide you through the difficult process of getting unemployment insurance benefits.

Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • We can help you apply for unemployment benefits.  Were you fired or were you laid off?  Maybe you quit or your hours were reduced.  Maybe you’re a student, or maybe you’re self-employed.  Whatever your situation, we can help you figure out whether you are eligible for unemployment compensation, and we can guide you through the process of applying.
  • We can help you stay eligible.  Are you in danger of losing your unemployment benefits?  Unsure of how often you need to apply for jobs, or what kind of work you’re obligated to accept?  We can figure out what you have to do to stay eligible, and guide you in that process.
  • We can help you obtain unemployment benefits even if your ex-employer doesn’t think you should get them.  It can be intimidating to have to apply for unemployment benefits, and it’s even more intimidating if your former employer argues that you shouldn’t get them.  Your former boss might have a team of lawyers who know how to manipulate the legal system to get him what he wants, but you could have the law on your side and not even know it.  Lombardi Law Firm can help you in ways that you can’t help yourself. 
  • We can help you appeal if you have been denied unemployment benefits.  Unemployment benefits aren’t a luxury, they are a necessity.  And when your claim for unemployment compensation is denied, you need someone on your side to navigate you through the complex processes of the legal system.  When you need this kind of help, you can rely on the Lombardi Law Firm.

Here are some resources to help you familiarize yourself with Iowa unemployment benefits law:

What can Lombardi Law Firm do for you? The answer to this question depends on the kind of case you have.  We are involved with all sorts of people and problems including problems with professional licenses and some criminal matters. We have an eclectic practice, and chances are, we can figure out how to help you too. We’ve been helping working people with car accidents, work comp claims, property claims, burns, electrocutions, loss of limbs, death related claims, widows & orphans, children’s personal injury claims and personal injury claims of all types for over 30 years. We’ve literally recovered millions and helped people to get their lives back on track. Our clients come back to us over the years because they know we care about them as people. And that is what we do, we represent people. So ... help us to help you by calling Barbara and setting up a time to talk to us today!

 If we can help you, call the Lombardi Law Firm to speak with attorneys Steve Lombardi and Katrina Schaefer. We can be reached at 515-222-1110 or by emailing us at [email protected] and [email protected]. We look forward to your call.

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