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  • Boating Safety - Safety while on the Water Boating safety is a major concern for those who own or operate a boat on Iowa's lakes and rivers. On this site we focus on boating safety and how boaters get themselves in "hot water" with liability. If you're hurt while on the water you should immediately contact a quallified attorney and seek legal advice about how to gather and preserve the evidence you may later need to protect your rights.
  • Negligent Hiker in New Hampshire Has to Pay $9,000 for SAR Older Americans wanting to hike in the outdoor should stay as far away from New Hampshire as they can get. New Hampshire law, RSA 206:26-bb(2011) makes hikers acting merely negligently while hiking legally liable for the cost of a rescue operation.
  • What is Legionnaires’ disease and where am I likely to contract the disease? Lawsuits concerning travelers dying after contracting Legionnaires' disease from pools, whirlpools, fountains and locker rooms are something we deal with.