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  • THE ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP – NONWAIVABLE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST Attorneys are often times confronted with conflict of interest situations. In this article, THE ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP – NONWAIVABLE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST Steve Lombardi and Justin Rogers discuss the issue of the nonconsensutable caselaw.
  • Attorney Toolbox As an attorney this is your toolbox where all the tools of the trade are stored. It's a work in progress.
  • Conflict of Interest Research for Attorneys of Insurance Company Captured Law Firms In a personal injury case the insured who has been sued is represented by an attorney who is an employee of the insured’s insurance company. Is there an inherent conflict of interest when an attorney employed by the insurance company takes on the defense of the insured?
  • Revisiting the Going and Coming Rule in Iowa When an employee is required to provide their own transportation for use during the work hours they are covered for workers' compensation benefits while driving to and from work. In this outline Steve Lombardi discussed the situations in Iowa that have made for cases under Iowa's going and coming rule.
  • Hospital Billing: Tricks of the Trade Part II In this second part Steve Lombardi examines a few of the billing errors that can be a part of your medical bill. He points out and briefly discusses bundling, double-billing, medical devices billed but not used, supply issues, medical personnel, clerical errors and unnecessary charges.
  • Inadvertent Disclosures and the Attorney-Client Privilege in the Electronic Age In a world of electronic communications lawyers are faced with an ever increasing challenge of how not to inadvertently disclose attorney-client communications. In this outline Steve Lombardi explores this growing challenge and some solutions to protect the privilege.
  • CaseMap, Assisting Litigation In this article written for CaseSoft, Steve Lombardi discusses some of the ways he uses CaseMap and NoteMap software for litigation and as a management tool in his businesses and personal life. By employing outside-the-box thinking you can learn how to better use CaseMap in the litigation process.
  • Negotiation Techniques in Litigation In this speech outline Steve Lombardi discusses some of the techniques and posturing that can get in the way of resolving your client's case. By becoming more familiar with tactics that obstruct rather than promote a settlement climate you can more effectively represent your client or as a client be represented.
  • InBrief: Medical Billing Tricks of the Trade Part 1 The relationship of hospital and patient operates for the most part on trust. We tend to believe in that same trust when paying the bill. But is that trust deserved? Is the hospital taking advantage of that trust? Over the past several decades the landscape has changed in the medical profession. No longer is the hospital business office part of a kind and caring religious institution. Hospitals look less and less like benevolent not-for-profit institutions and more like well-heeled business machinery.