Will the aggressor's homeowner's policy pay for the victim's medical bills from a fight in an Iowa bar?

Question Detail: Can I sue for my son's medical expenses? My son was hurt while trying to break up a fight one his female friends was involved in. The group turned on him and he was left with a fractured and dislocated elbow. He was taken to the hospital via ambulance for his injuries. I would like to know if I can sue for his medical expenses. For evidence, there is video footage of the altercation and the parties involved.

Answer: Maybe and maybe not. Any good lawyer will first want to see the video footage and look to identify the aggressor. Assuming your son was not the aggressor, you may be able to collect from the aggressors’ parent’s home owner’s insurance companies. Coverage will depend on the age and residence of those involved. This is a complicated question because the facts are somewhat complicated with identifying who started the fight and so it's difficult to answer in this format. You probably need to sit down with a personal injury lawyer. 

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