When is it allowable to file a slander case in federal court?

Question Detail: I have a person from my past (not romantic) who simply makes one outrageously false allegation after another in my regard. Actually, she continues to owe me a lot of money. Her latest claim was that I suffered from schizophrenia. She allegedly made the wholly false allegation to a defense attorney in a criminal case where I was the complaining witness. There was zero truth. The woman is quite bizarre and unstable. She has been medicated for depression for more than 25 years and is a severe alcoholic despite those conspicuous warning labels on the pill bottles to not mix with alcohol. She was perhaps angered that I provided information to an attorney that resulted in a civil fraud judgment against her husband where she perjured herself and I provided the defense the details to prove the same.
I would love to just be the bigger man and turn the other cheek; meanwhile, this relentless barrage of fiction does not seem to subside. As for the schizophrenic comment, she was inMissouri. The court case and weaselly attorney were in DC. I live inVirginia. What are my lawful options?

Answer: Federal court is probably not the correct venue. More than likely you'll end up in State Court. Your options are to prove the falsity of the matter she assets as the truth.

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