What attorney is needed to sue a winterizing company?

Question Detail: We are doing a short sale on our house and we have moved out, so the bank hired a company to come winterize the property and take pictures. At this point we still have access to our house to finish cleaning everything out. Well the guy who came to winterize the property dumped a huge amount of garbage, he finally came forward and came back to pick it up. But prior to him cleaning it back up another guy came to take pictures and he had gone through everything in the house to see what there was. After all the garbage was cleaned up we went back to the house to clean out more of our stuff and found over $1,200 worth of our belongings missing. The only people to have access were the people from that company and us. There are n o signs of a break in so it had to be someone that had access. Cops are involved and are doing their part but what can we do on our end to this company who when notified did not even care that this had happened?

Answer: You need to hire an attorney that practices civil trial work.

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