Should I give a recorded statement?

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Question Detail: If the insurance company asks me to provide a recorded statement, should I agree to it?

Answer: I cover this extensively on my law firm's website because it's a critical event in any personal injury case and it is a place where untrained people think they can apply what is making Lowes a lot of money. Understand this, the practice of law does not lend itself to DIY projects. Seriously, go find an attorney to help you with this claim. And find the attorney before you go put your foot in your mouth by saying something you will later regret, but did not understand before you spoke the words. Recently we have had a client who thought it was a good idea to check the non-work related box on a short term disability form because he understood how difficult his company makes it to get workers' compensation benefits and how receipt of those benefits would affect his job. He knew this was a work related injury but wanted to be a "loyal employee", loyal to the company. Of course the doctor on the bottom of the form checked off this injury is work related. Still the insurance company will not pay him benefits. We are two months into the claim and still he can't make a mortgage payment. He too thought it was a good idea to talk to the HR department and fill out their forms without talking to a lawyer, and look at the mess he's in.

You need a lawyer, now go find one. 

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