What do I do after I slipped and fell off my deck from the house that I rent?

Question Detail: It's all rotten and mossy. She was cited by City Inspections to have deck replaced within 10 days. I have had surgery, rod, wire, screws and plate and have 82 stitches up my leg. I have not been able to do anything for three months and then got a clot in my leg. I am doing therapy and will have to another month. I have a lawyer but not sure what should be asked.

Answer: In Iowa this would be covered under the Iowa Residential Landlord and Tenant Act along with common law premise liability. I've litigated somewhat similar to this one and years ago an attorney from Des Moines litigated a somewhat similar issue involving moss and a faulty sprinkler head shooting water into the roadway. You may actually have a pretty good case. So see a lawyer.

Steve Lombardi
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