Can I get workers compensation if I might have been infected by MRSA when working as a home health aide?

Question Detail: I was employed as a home health aide in November of 2013. At that time I began taking care of a MRSA carrier and I was not aware of it. She recently had an outbreak and not one of her care physicians or the company I work for gave me any indication that I should take precautions and I am not aware of the sincerity of the infectious disease. I recently went to a doctor due to a red painful spot on my forehead that keeps growing. They gave me antibiotics but I checked it this morning and it's larger with a big sac and green puss being exposed above the skin. Anyways, my question is: Can I get workers compensation from this situation? The doctor visits and prescriptions are already draining my bank account.

Answer: Yes, you can so long as a doctor is willing to express an opinion that it will keep you from working at some jobs, via restrictions. Your condition and workers' compensation benefits is all about how having this condition affects your ability to get jobs and how it restricts access to certain professions. 

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