If a trespasser is hurt can he sue the property owner?

Question: What covers the Trespasser Law?

Question Detail: Frankie age 12, lived with his mother, Vanessa, in a rental house next to a farm owned by Daphne and Brando. On the back of the farm property was a small creek that had good fishing, but there were deadly piranha in the waters. Frankie would often sneak onto the farm property to fish. One day, while fishing on the farm, he was bitten by a piranha and severely injured. While running to help her son on the farm property, Vanessa tripped on a wire and broke her leg. The Smiths sue the Browns for their injuries. Explain whether the Browns owe a duty of care to Frankie and Vanessa.

Answer: Answer: First I'd want to know more about the wire she tripped over. Why was it there? What was it used for? Was it part of a fence or designed to injure someone, sort of like a spring gun?

Next I'd want to know if Frankie and his mother Vanessa had been warned to stay off the farm or if they'd been given permission to fish. The question about duty turns on whether Frankie was a permissive user or a trespasser. You must be a law student because piranha's can't live in water as cold as it gets during Iowa's winters.

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