I had a hearing for denial, revocation, or suspension of an Iowa permit or application for a permit, and the administrative law judge decided against me. Can I appeal that decision?

Yes.  You have the right to appeal the unfavorable decision of the administrative law judge to either Polk County District Court or the district court of your own county.  If you do this, you must file a petition for judicial review within thirty days of the issuance of the administrative law judge’s decision.  If you have applied for a rehearing already, you must file your petition within thirty days of your rehearing application being denied or deemed denied.

In your petition, you must name the agency—the Department of Inspections and Appeals—as respondent.  You also must state the agency action you are appealing from, the facts that allow you to appeal to that court, your grounds for relief, and the relief sought (rescission of the denial, suspension, or revocation of your permit).

Within thirty days of your filing the petition, the Department will transmit to the reviewing court a copy of the entire record of the case—shortened, if all parties agree to that.

There are different rules and procedures for each district court.  Find out more here.