Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some initial questions many clients have when they first contact Lombardi Law Firm. The questions below may address many initial concerns you may have. If you don't find the answers here, you should contact us for answers to questions specific to your case. The consultation is free.

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  • If you've hired an injury attorney and now there is no lawsuit can you let your attorney go?

    Question Detail: Hired an injury attorney. Insurance will settle. No lawsuit. It's only been 6 weeks that we hired him. Can we let him go now?

    Answer: The number of weeks isn't really relevant as much as what did he do and what is his/her advice on the settlement offer. You hired the lawyer and now you want to fire them before you allow them to do what you hired them to do? Are you being greedy and foolish by settling too quick? You'd better be sure of the answer before you pull the trigger on firing the lawyer and running in for a quick settlement. 

  • Do you think I can get a good settlement for my accident that resulted in my swollen disc?

    Question Detail: I was involved in and accident back in Dec 2012. I just discover that I have a swollen disc. I have been having bad bad headache. I just had an eeg done and they think that I have concussion. My speech is very sludge. I have trouble with my eyes. such as the light. My left leg is painful and I only can walk a short distance. I was not at fault and 18 wheeler ran the red light as I was going through the green light and sent me all over the place. Where do I stand? I am still seeing the doctor and I don't have no income. No income coming and I am not working because the job I had do not have any hours for me.

    Answer: It's probably not a swollen disc but a bulging disc. Many people have this condition, even though yours may be caused or aggravated by the collision. But I wonder if your condition isn't different than a simple disc problem. Might you have suffered an injury to your brain? Your symptoms indicate you did.

  • How long do you have to file your lawsuit?

    Question Detail: I underwent total hip replacement 06/2009. I had hip revision surgery 06/2013 to replace a defective Depuy ASR hip. I was recently told that my statute of limitation for filing a law suit may already be expired. I don't know how this is possible when I wasn't notified of the recall until 2010.

    Answer: Without having the opportunity to review medical records, speak with the client and review the literature he's been given or which was given to the doctors who performed the implant I am hesitant to express an opinion about the statute of limitations. If I were a person who had an implant performed I would hesitate to believe the opinion of any lawyer who had not done all of the above and who is expressing an opinion about the limitation period applicable to my case. These are not standard personal injury cases, but are governed by MDL rulings of the governing court. This is not the kind of case you can sit back and wait until you're ready to hire a lawyer. When considering hiring a lawyer I'd suggest you act sooner rather than later.

  • Can I fire my attorney for a second time?

    Question Detail: When I first met with my lawyer he seemed like he was on my side and agreed that I had a case. Since then despite my reports and exams he seems to now be siding with the other side. The doctor has also changed his position. When I first consulted with my lawyer he reviewed my information and was very supportive. Now a few months later he says he has reviewed the same reports but feel as though I am no longer disabled. Not sure what to do but I am certain I do not trust anyone anymore.

    Answer: Yes, you can fire your attorney for the 3rd, 4th and 5th time as well, but probably not the 6th time. Okay, I'm kidding; you can fire an attorney as many times as you hire them. But that might not change your chances of winning.

  • Can I have two different lawyers in personal injury lawsuit?

    Question Detail: I have a personal injury lawsuit that i am going to be filing shortly. I have two lawyers who are excellent and that I am very close with. I want them both to participate in the lawsuit, and they would like to as well. Am I able to give them 33% each, if I consent to this? They have both helped me tremendously through the false allegations, malicious prosecution, self help eviction, negligence, harassment, etc that my ex-landlords have put me through, and I want them to be able to have 33% each. Is this possible in NY and if not, is there anyway I can arrange them by consenting or giving permission etc?

    Answer: Probably not; it would be sort of like having two spouses. There would be jealousy and difficulty with dividing jobs.

  • If I move out of the State of Iowa what can I expect in a car accident settlement?

    Question Detail: My wife and I were involved in an auto accident. A lady ran a red. We moved toChinathe next month. My wife received chiropractic and massage treatment for one month before we left. She has tried to get treatment inChinawith little success. 7 months later we returned to US for family visit and she received another month of treatment. My wife' feels she stands a chance of recovery, but we would have to rethink or life inChina. We would have to return toChinaand wrap up a few obligations, then return for her treatments. This would be a huge expense. We are trying to reach a settlement with the driver who caused the accident. What should we ask for? We can we expect?

    Answer: I hate when clients move out of state because it inevitably makes the case a lot more difficult to litigate and more expensive for the clients who don’t want to spend the money they will need to spend to keep the case moving. Your situation is much too complicated to just be able to give you a quick and easy solution. Instead I would suggest you sit down with a lawyer who practices in the county where the accident happened and hire him/her to handle it for you.

  • I’m getting offered money by the insurance adjuster to settle my personal injury claim, how do I know if it’s enough?

    Well, without knowing more I'd say you have to gauge the fairness of the amount offered based on the evidence in the personal injury case. We consider medical bills both past and future, pain and suffering from the past and expected in the future, lost wages, a reduced earning capacity, property damage and other elements of recognized damages. 

  • When should I accept what money the insurance adjuster offers?

    Well, without knowing more I'd say you have to gauge the fairness of the amount offered based on the evidence in the personal injury case. We consider medical bills both past and future, pain and suffering from the past and expected in the future, lost wages, a reduced earning capacity, property damage and other elements of recognized damages. 

  • Should I give all recorded documents that the insurance company wants?

    Question Detail: Should I provide all recorded documents and statements as requested by the insurance company?

    Answer: I cover this question extensively on my website so you may find a more lengthy answer there. You should provide one after you speak with an attorney and are advised of how to give a statement without being misleading and wrecking your claim. Many people believe telling the truth is all that is involved with giving a statement and that would be true if the adjuster's job was to simply treat your honestly, but it isn't. When have you ever heard of an adjuster saying the claimant wasn't asking for enough? Go find a lawyer. I rest my case.

  • Is there an expiration date for when I am filing a claim?

    Question Detail: Is there expiration for filing a claim? For instance, I am still deciding whether to file a claim or not, how long do I have before I am no longer allowed to file a suit?
    Answer: Yes personal injury claims like packaged food have an expiration date; we call it a statute of limitations. Go beyond the statute of limitations and the court will not hear your case. There are different statutes of limitation periods and they are based on the facts, so you will need to speak with a lawyer to know which limitation period applies to your case. See a lawyer.