How much settlement am I looking at for a total car wreck and personal injuries?

Question Detail: I was T-boned by a drunk driver and I am 21. She totaled my car leaving me with no car, one herniated disk in the cervical and two in the lumbar. It's been 6 months and I owe close to $18000 in medical bills, how much of a settlement am I looking forward to?

Answer: There is more here than meets the eye. You may have multiple claims to assert for insurance coverage and with the little information provided it is impossible to know how to answer your question or in which direction to go. I have questions about liability insurance claims with the other driver, or an underinsured motorist claim or an uninsured motorist claim or lastly, a dram shop claim. You may even have a workers’ compensation claim. Like I said with the little information you’ve provided it’s impossible to say.

Let me ask a question. Why are you waiting to hire a lawyer to assist you? You probably have a dram shop action and it may be too late to serve the notice. Go hire a lawyer to help you and do it this week. You are taking a huge risk doing this yourself because after the notice period runs you will no longer have a claim and no lawyer will assist you.

What if you settle a $100,000 case for $30,000, have you really saved money?

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