Do I have a strong case for defamation of character and slander if someone is posting false accusations against me online?

Question Detail: My fiancée is divorced and his ex wife has called the police and reported things about me and him that are false. She has stated to them that I have beaten her children, whom I met one time around family that I manufacture drugs in my home, which led to a search of my home, that my fiancée has beaten, raped and molested her and their two children and a few other things. All of these things were investigated by a Bardstown, KY detective and the children were interviewed by counselors who all agree these reports are 100% false. Since then she has posted all of these accusations as fact on several online forums with his name and personal information, openly stating she is the one saying these things. Our question is do you believe we have a case for things such as defamation of character, slander, falsifying police reports etc? Being uneducated in any area of law I am unsure how to proceed with any of this if we have a case.

Answer: You may have a case although I am not licensed to practice law in KY so I'll express on opinions about KY law. You will have a difficult time persuading a good lawyer to take on this case due to financing the litigation and it being multidistrict. InIowayou would; but you have an alternative way of proceeding. In the past for client's I've reported the slanderous remarks to the web site's owners and they have either suspended or deleted that person's account. With FB that is really painful for some people but gets their attention to knock it off. I suspect all you really want is for her to leave you alone. That should do the trick.

There is a book now out of print, titled "Parental Alienation Syndrome". Get the book and read it.

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