Can I sue for injuries received while wrongly held in jail?

Question Detail: I was falsely imprisoned, because of a former employer was supposed to have been taking out child support payments. He was taking money from my checks, but was not applying it to my child support, and as a result of that, I was locked up from February 2, 2012thru April 15, 2012.
During my incarceration, I was beaten by another inmate and got my leg severely injured. I am a truck driver but I've been suffering with so much pain that I can't work. My question is, who should be held accountable for my injuries? Do I have a case against my formal employer or prison that I was housed at?

Answer: Yes, but it's really difficult to prove and to convince a jury you are deserving enough to be handed money damages. Jurors think anyone accused is probably guilty. I don't believe that but most lay people do and that makes any jury especially tough.

Steve Lombardi
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