Can I make his mother pay for my hospital bills and pain and suffering damages?

Question Detail: My sister's 17-year old boyfriend came to my father's house causing trouble. I live there with my father. My fiancé went out to tell him to leave and during that discussion he grabbed my fiancé and tried to pull him off the porch. My fiancé pushed him off and tried to come back inside. The 17-year old ran back into the house going after my fiancé. He then went outside and I went out to tell him to leave. At that point he punched me in the mouth and I had to get a stitch in my lip. This kid does this all the time to people, but they always drop the charges. I'm done letting him get away with these things. We did call the cops because my fiancé and I are both 23 years old. We will have a court date coming up sometime soon and I would like to know what I can ask for so I don't look stupid.

You won't ask for anything in a criminal case, except restitution. They will pay for medical bills and wage loss but probably not pain & suffering types of damages.

Answer: The criminal court can order restitution but pain and suffering damages is not a part of what they award in Iowa. You can get limited damages, like medical bills, wage loss and property damage, but the rest you’ll need to sue for in small claims court. As far as his mother paying, you’ll have to file a claim under her homeowner’s insurance policy. 

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