Will worker's compensation re-open my claim if the doctor said there is still something wrong with me?

Question Detail: I was released from my doctor on an injury from work 1 month ago. I have not signed any papers from work comp. 5 weeks after I was released I went back to the doctor and said I was not any better. Something is wrong. Question is, will work comp reopen my claim? I was scheduled for an EMG but work comp denied it. What do I do?

Answer: The general answer to your question is probably. It all depends on whether or not you previously settled and the terms or form of the settlement. A lawyer will need to talk with you to give you a definitive answer. You should not delay hiring a lawyer because an EMG indicates nerve damage may be involved. You don't get an EMG without first showing signs of nerve involvement with either compression or latency. That means nerves are subject to long term damage and obviously that's not a good thing. 

Above are two videos on basic workers' compensation law. The first is Workers' Compensation 101, Just the basics and the second is Iowa Workers' Comp - Overriding the Adjuster's Refusal of Medical Care. Watch them both several times so you understand the basics. Good luck and if we can help with your case call the office next week. 

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