How much should I get from a car-bike accident resulting to shoulder surgery?

Question Detail: March 2013 I was in bike lane, car takes right turn into me. He has accepted 100% fault. Grade 5 separated shoulder followed by an ac joint shoulder reconstruction surgery on October, 2013. I have a very large scar and my shoulder hurts daily and it's my primary right arm shoulder. I work in IT & missed about 5 weeks of work total. Was a very active 39 year old male with zero injuries, that was bike commuting for over a year and doing p90x and lifting for 4+years. Now I haven't worked out in 1o months and lost the "fun feeling" in riding my bike to work, and I'm freaked out a little about getting hit again so I drive now. This is my first injury accident and surgery. I have a trustworthy attorney but would like a 2nd opinion on amounts. I think medical is around 15,000-20,000 with attorney liens, and the insurance company's first offer is 80,000. I have no idea on how much I should be asking for pain and suffering and future medical costs. I've seen numbers in the 450,000 to 20,000 range for similar cases so I can't get a good representation of how much would be fair.

Answer: There isn't any way to value this case without first reading the medical reports and speaking to you about what you've been through. One question you have not answered is how much work you missed, your hourly rate, overtime missed out on and reduced earning capacity are two aspects of personal injury that you seem to have forgotten. And if you brag about your lifting they will blame at least part of your shoulder problem on the weight lifting. In training for triathlons I was struck be a truck so I'm more familiar with the fear of riding on the public streets than you might imagine. You may have PTSD. Have you considered and had that evaluated? There isn't any way to answer your question in a truthful way. Schedule an appointment if you're in Iowa.

I know what you're trying to do and frankly it won't work. Hire a lawyer who is skilled in this area; then allow them to do what they do best. Even with paying them you will still get more. If we can help give us a call, if not best of luck to you.

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