Your Worker's Comp Case takes Patience and Skepticism

Facts: You're injured, the workers' compensation system is paying you but the adjuster or the person in charge is doing things that are making you uncomfortable about your future benefits. What should you do?

I'm writing this because you're in for a long haul, a bumpy road, a rough patch or whatever else you want to call it; I'm writing this because you're up against people who think the absolute worst about you. These same people are operating in a rule-intensive system that has no heart, no soul and operates without a conscience. These are the same people who still sleep better at night knowing they've just saved their insurance company or self-funded program thousands of dollars by taking the food off your family's supper table.

What should you do?

First get a grip, get your spouse out working, cut down on all the living expenses you can including cable TV. You may not want to but eating is more important than watching the next reality show. Sit down with your spouse, examine every line item of expense and if it's really not needed get rid of the service. That includes beer, wine and cigarettes.

Second, your spouse is no longer a stay at home mom or dad. They are now going out to work, even if right now you're getting paid benefits you may need another pay check down the line, so everyone has to work. Save money anyway you are able.

Third, call the credit card companies and request any help with payments you can get.

Fourth, when your spouse goes to work that means you do as much at home as you are physically able. It doesn't mean you get to sit around on your keister doing nothing and feeling sorry for yourself. This is a team effort to get through this, and everyone, including the kids are valuable members of the team.  

Steve Lombardi
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