A crash occurred in Hardin County on May 3, 2011
- another sad case; a 17-year-old, Victoria Westfall died after being broadsided by a Chevy 3.5 ton pickup truck. She had on her seat belt but was totally ejected from the car she was in. That would tend to indicate speed may be an issue and the parents should preserve all vehicles, take photographs of the accident scene including measuring skid marks. That's the tough part of this business; people need to morn and no one wants to take the time to hire a lawyer to get out and preserve the scene and physical evidence. A fact which is necessary to preserve any possible claim. [People involved include: Victoria Westfall, 17; Officer Morenz, badge 230, ISP; and Marlo White, Alden, Iowa.] UNIT 1 SOUTHBOUND C AVE / DOGWWOOD AVE. UNIT 2 EASTBOUND ON HARDIN AVE/HARDIN ST. BOTH VEHICLES ENTER INTO INTERSECTION. UNIT 1 COLLIDES INTO DRIVER'S DOOR OF UNIT 2. BOTH VEHICLE TRAVEL SOUTH EAST INTO DITCH. DRIVER UNIT 2 EJECTED DESPITE seat belt USE DUE TO SEVERITY OF THE DAMAGE SUSTAINED TO VEHICLE. Facebook page.

Steve Lombardi
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