A young man playing frisbee near Cedar Lake in Iowa was swept into a storm drain by storm water and drowned on July 1, 2014.  This young man, Logan Blake of Cedar Rapids, was out with friends when flood waters took his life.  His friend David Bliss jumped in to try to save him, but was swept away by the water as well, and was pushed out through a pipe into Cedar Lake a mile away.  Rescuers tried to find Logan since the incident occurred on June 30 at 7:20 p.m., but were unsuccesful until the following day.  Logan was found dead within the flooded drain.

Storm water drains are the cause of many young deaths around the country.  In 2012, parents of a 10-year old boy sued the city of Kansas City, Missouri after the death of their son in a drainage ditch.  The young boy was walking with friends through a field near his elementary school when rainwater swept him off his feet and into a drainage ditch.  The strong current pulled him under water and trapped him in the opening of a drainage tube, drowning him.  Rescue crews could not revive him.  The boy's parents filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city and North Kansas City School District, alleging negligence and that the ditch was poorly designed and not properly maintained and guarded.

If someone you know was the victim of a storm water drainage death, call us today to discuss your legal options and a potential wrongful death lawsuit.

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