Iowa and ATVs have been in the news. Recently ATV’s were recalled. The Iowa Attorney General got involved with the manufacturers of ATV’s obtaining from them restrictions on how they were being sold. Safety and the number of child deaths was the issue.

Iowa has had more than 100 deaths from ATV accidents.

These cases are so numerous and deaths so expected that attorneys have created legal websites claiming to be specialists. In essence they are simply putting advertising dollars together and some have very little expertise. Claims of knowing what to do with these cases is different than knowing what to do and having experience in trial work.  KCCI Channel 8

An 11-year-old female passenger, Morgan Leslie McFarland, was injured from an ATV rollover collision-accident near Red Oak, Iowa. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the cause. The driver, Courtney Marie Lemine also of Red Oak was killed when she lost control of the ATV, as reported by the sheriff. These accidents are preventable and predictable. Youngs Miss Leming did not have to die. There is no report of the type of ATV that they were driving although it’s reported that neither girl was wearing a helmet. This isn’t the only death in Iowa of lately.

On March 22, 2009 a 42-year-old man from Victor, Iowa died as a result of an ATV accident.

There is an ATV Safety (having to do with death and injury from ATV’s) page by the government where you can learn about the ATV safety issues, report injuries, find a training course, learn about ATV recalls, use ATV links and read ATV news. Initially the man was not identified. Officials later identified the man as . The Des Moines Register reported on the accidental death. More coverage here, here, here, here and here.

The make of ATV in the news is the Yamaha Rhino ATV. These have had a number of rollover issues. A citizen’s report of utility terrain vehicles or UTV hazards can be obtained. February 26, 2009. (67 pages)


Reviews of news reports indicate 18 IOWA deaths from 3/31/2009 to 04/13/2009 of which 3 were children under 16. Iowa has 112 reported deaths from 1982 to 2007.

State Laws

  • All ATVs must be registered and titled if used on public lands, except for those used solely for agricultural purposes.
  • All registered ATVs are to receive one numbered sticker; renewal is once every year.
  • No one under 12 can operate an ATV unless on private land.
  • No one under 18 can operate an ATV on public lands unless they possess a safety training certificate.
  • No passengers are allowed on the ATV unless it is designed to carry more than one person.
  • ATV use on highways is prohibited, except to cross these roads and for agricultural purposes and then only during daylight hours.
  • ATVs operated during hours of darkness shall have lighted head lamp and tail lamp.

State ATV Deaths


Total Reported Deaths (1982-2007):
*Data collection for 2005-2007
is incomplete


Reported Deaths (1982-2004):


Reported Deaths (2005-2007):
*Data collection for 2005-2007
is incomplete


Reported Deaths (1982-2004):
Children under 16




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