You should drive like your life depended on it.

Yesterday we wrote about a fatal crash in Henry County and today there is another similar roll-over type collision in Crawford County. In this accident a 1996 BMW rolled over and was found in the south ditch. Both the driver and the passenger were belted in, but the driver survived and the passenger died. Obviously seat belts don't always save a person's life. Some crashes are just too severe. This one occurred on Highway 141. The driver is 24 and the passenger 26. Both were young men. The date of this accident is April 24, 2010 and the time is 1724 hours or 5:24 pm.

What does common sense tell us about what might have caused the loss of control? The choices aren't all that numerous.

Drinking while driving.

Passing out or falling asleep at the wheel.

Distractions in the car.


Tire failure or other vehicle defect.

Fooling around - a type of distraction.

Trying to avoid a deer - tire skid marks would have to indicate swerving.

Medication or other medical issues with the driver.

In this instance the only way to really know is for the driver to talk.

Will the driver talk to police and say what caused the loss of control and the rollover or fearing criminal prosecution will he take his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself? I'm sure the Crawford County Sheriff and the Iowa State Patrol are asking questions. But are they getting any answers? The passenger's friends and relatives will certain want answer. But will they get them?

Drive carefully, as if your life and those riding as passenger's lives depended on it. Because as this collision showed, it certainly does.

Steve Lombardi
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