Never count your money when sitting at the table…

Question: The insurance company wants me to sign giving them access to all my medical records should I sign? I was in an accident where I broke my femur and out of work for 3-4 months total. (If everything is ok, then let's decide what he needs to do.)

Answer: Sometimes I read these questions and wonder, "Are they seriously trying to do this on their own? I won't try to fix a leaky pipe without calling a plumber so what makes a person believe they are smart enough to handle a legal case when it takes 7 years to learn to be licensed to practice law and at least 5 years practicing to do it right?

If it's Iowa workers' compensation you will have no choice, if you want benefits you'll need to provide the patient waiver. So provide it; and then what? What will you do next? What happens next? You have what appears to be a serious injury and the resulting benefits can be significant. So why take the chance of screwing it up? Go hire a lawyer who understands this area.

Phil Dunfey would say, "WTF?", which he interpreted to mean, "Why the face?" but I think we know better.

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