Pharmacy Medication Errors Allow for Compensation to the Injured Person

The majority of our clients receive prescription medication for one reason or another.  It is unusual to have a client that has been injured to not be taking prescription medication for at least a portion of time while we represent them.  This necessarily involves receiving these prescription medications from a pharmacy.  What clients don't realize sometimes is that pharmacies are not perfect and mistakes can be made.  Whether it's the result of a staff person not paying close enough attention to the patient information, or a human error in the computer system, pharmacies do give out incorrect prescriptions.  And this happens more than one might think, and more than it should.  
Prescription medication is controlled by prescription for a reason - they are often strong medications that can cause severe side effects or harm if taken by someone who should not be taking that medication.  Or worse, if a person receives the wrong medication and as a result has not received their correct medication that they need to ensure their daily health, serious health issues can occur. 
While these errors may sometimes be harmless, they can be serious or even deadly, especially if the patient does not notice the error for some time and is taking the wrong medication without realizing it.  If this has happened to you, give us a call today.  You are entitled to compensation from the pharmacy responsible for making an error in medications.
Popular pharmacy chains:
Rite Aid
HyVee Pharmacy
Costco Pharmacy
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