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These past few weeks we've covered confined space accidental deaths. Well I see there is another one out of Charles City, Iowa involving a collapsed trench that partially buried a worker. An unidentified worker was buried up to his armpits in dirt after the ditch he was working in collapsed. There is no indication of who the worker is, what employer he worked for or the worksite. There are few details other than the fact he did not die. For addition articles see these below about trench collapse safety.

And earlier this month a man was buried alive while working in a trench in Ankeny, Iowa. The trench collapsed at around 11:45 a.m. near 909 Northeast Chambers Parkway and he wasn't freed until around 12:56 p.m. Juan Hernandez was the construction worker who had been laying pipe for new home construction. What took so long to extract Mr. Hernandez was stabilizing the remaining trench walls to avoid trapping rescuers. Heavy rains of lately caused this rescue to be more difficult; a reason to use the right equipment and to be extra cautious, not less. The location is the Deer Creek housing development. There was no mention of the contractor he worked for. KCCI has available video footage and photos. The photographs and video commentator indicate the "dirt" was actually heavy clay.

Steve Lombardi
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