CDL LawyerState of Utah and the Utah State Troopers are fighting accusations about an officer’s behavior in how drunk driver charges were made against several motorists. The stories seem eerily similar on how this state trooper charged drivers with DUI, drunken driving, when there is no other evidence to support the charge. The trooper is fighting to get her job back; apparently she was let go. The citizens who were arrested and charged with drunk driving are fighting to get their lives back in order. These drivers seem adamant as to their innocence and they claim there is no evidence that they had been drinking. They are saying there is no evidence to corroborate the charge of drinking. Click on the link to go to Aol Autos and read “Lawsuit filed by alleged false DUI victims”. Being charged with drunken driving charges has serious financial ramifications. One driver asserts a claim in excess of $20,000. The loss of a job as an over-the-road truck driver and a CDL easily exceeds $100,000. The article estimates the legal costs and civil damages could be as high as $20 million.

This is an extremely unusual case but not unheard of. When it occurs it infects all the criminal cases in which the officer testified. That's a nightmare for the legal system, but especially for the judges who have to referee the legal wrangling that goes on.

Why A Utah State Trooper Is Target of Class Action Suit By Drivers - Over zealous trooper wrote bogus tickets and cost drivers big money

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