Wrong Place Wrong Time or Something Else?

Chris Riley of Colfax was driving along eastbound on Highway F48 probably minding his own business when a Chevrolet Caprice crossed the center line hitting him head on. So it was reported on October 30, 2007 by the Newton Daily News. It happened in mid-afternoon so one has to wonder what Deborah Sweetman was doing in her car that allowed it to drift across the center line. Sweetman then reportedly rolled several times and ended up in the north side ditch. The Jaws of Life were called into action to extract her and she was taken to a Des Moines hospital via air ambulance. Luckily Mr. Riley and his daughter were treated and released.


Here is how a lawyers mind works. And kindly remember these are just questions, I have no way of knowing what the answers might be. The questions don’t imply the answers only questions to explore. One has to wonder if this was an accident or something else. So talking to each party is paramount to understanding this collision. The Chevy is pretty banged up from the rolling. Did they know each other? Was there bad blood between the two? A lawyer getting ready for a deposition would ask those kinds of questions just to see where this goes. A jury asks the same questions. Not literally because they aren't permitted to ask questions, but they do in their mind and listen and watch as the evidence comes in to see if there is more to this than meets the eye. Probably not, but as a lawyer you have to ask those questions.

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