Here is how Mike Gover of the AP reports it:

DES MOINES, Iowa - A House panel has approved a measure that would give Iowa workers greater rights in choosing a doctor when they're injured on the job.

A subcommittee of the House Labor Committee approved the bill along party lines on Monday, with
Democrats supportive and Republicans opposed. It was the latest in a series of labor-backed bills being pushed by Democrats who hold majorities in the House and Senate. "

The Republicans who oppose a worker choosing what doctor should treat their injuries are  publicly stating that most workers will act like Rush Limbaugh did and shop for doctors who will give them pills to excess. That argument is ridiculous. If it were generally true that people who get to choose their own doctors end up prescription drug addicts we'd all be addicted. Choice of physicians under most if not all health insurance policies has been a cornerstone of this country's medical insured industry. To claim that most people can not be trusted to wisely choose a treating doctor is disingenuous and panders to popular opinion that workers don't understand the global economy. Iowans are good solid workers with a history of acting rationally and in a way to save money. There is no evidence to the contrary. To assume the worst is a fabrication of the worst kind.

No worker in Iowa has to join a union. If the unions have in the mind of owners and managers caused concerns over costs and production it shouldn't be a factor in Iowa. Maybe it is a problem in Detroit but not Des Moines.

"Iowa is a Right to Work State. Employees who work in Iowa, except on federal property or for a railway or airline, have a right to resign from union membership and not pay union dues or fees. If you are an employee in Iowa and have legal questions regarding your union membership, click here to learn about your rights."

This is why the Republican's lost the last election. They assume the worst when workers are concerned. There are many laborers who claim to be Republican or at least to have Republican values. If this weren't true then Bush would never have been elected and then re-elected. Workers pay taxes just as management does. Workers understand and fully appreciate the competition we have with China over jobs. To assume all workers are either not smart enough to understand this issue or down right dishonest, is stereotyping of the worst kind.

Get over it. Workers built this country. If they abuse the privilege the Iowa Industrial Commission will take corrective action.


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