Workers’ Compensation and the Uncooperative Supervisor

Iowa Workers' CompensationQuestion: How can I get a worker's compensation if my boss doesn't want to? I twisted my ankle at work and I was sent home. I think it may be broken. Isn’t the employer and my supervisor supposed to cooperate? I’m frustrated!

Answer: Yeah, the boss is supposed to cooperate and file the claim with the insurance company, but some think they can intimidate you out of your claim. It’s not right, and doesn't happen very often, but it does happen from time to time. Here is what I suggest you do. First, report the injury in writing and then if he doesn't respond you call the Iowa Industrial Commission and ask them to intervene to contact the employer asking for him to provide the contact information for his workers' compensation carrier. Next you hire a lawyer to file the claim. 

Here is why I don't get the bully tactics - if the intention is to save money it won't. This tactic will get the comp. carrier's attention in a negative way and will result in either the employer's rates rising because of added risk from being uncooperative or cancellation altogether. Once you are cancelled, reapplying to other insurance companies causes a higher premium because underwriting sees you've been cancelled before. 

You can get a hold of the I.C. here. Contact and Staff

Compliance Requirements

You can get the Iowa Insurance Commissioner’s number here. Iowa Insurance Division

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