The Des Moines Register reports that a 47-year old woman was struck as she rode her bicycle on Merle Hay Road in Des Moines. A van owned by the French Way Cleaners ran into the rear of a Grand Caravan causing the Caravan to go sideways and into the bicycle. According the report the bicyclist then lost control and ended up under the wheels or the French Way van and was drug several feet.

"The accident happened when a French Way Cleaners van driven by Kevin McCurn of Des Moines ran into the back of a Grand Caravan driven by Carlyle Melin of Olathe, Kan., Aswegan said. The impact pushed the Grand Caravan sideways and into the bicycle. The cyclist lost control and was thrown under the wheels of the French Way van and was drug several feet."

The bicyclist is reported to be in Iowa City Hospitals and Clinics being treated for multiple fractures including a fractured pelvis, ribs and multiple abrasions.
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