A 55-year old beachgoer in Virginia Beach was struck in the chest by a wind-blown umbrella on Thursday.  It is said that a strong gust of wind blew the umbrella and struck the woman in the torso with the tip of the umbrella.  Police were called to the scene and discovered the woman in cardiac arrest and sustained a life-threatening injury.  The responding officer stated it was deemed death due to nature.

Some unanswered questions remain, such as: Who did the umbrella belong to? Where did it come from? How was it anchored, if at all? How large was the umbrella? Did the umbrella owner owe a duty to fellow beachgoers to properly anchor the umbrella in order to prevent it from flying away and injuring someone? Had this happened throughout the day prior to this incident, such that the owner was on notice that it was not anchored properly?  If a business owned the umbrella, does it have an insurance policy to cover a wrongful death suit filed by the woman's surviving family? Did she have a pre-existing disease that predisposed her to cardiac arrest that led to her death? The answers to these questions are important to know if there is a possible claim for insurance to cover damages.

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