A new movie set to premiere in December stars Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu, one of the physicians who discovered Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy (CTE) by doing an autopsy on a former NFL player.  Dr. Omalu brought this information to the forefront and pioneered to force the NFL to address the seriousness of head injuries suffered by their players and that are too often brushed under the rug.  Dr. Julian Bailes also worked with Dr. Omalu on this venture and is played by Alec Baldwin in the movie.  Dr. Bailes was interviewed recently and stated that the movie is accurate and the scientific proof speaks for itself.  The NFL will likely be unreceptive to the new movie in light of their continued denial of the seriousness of head injuries suffered by football players.  But with a star-studded movie cast, it will be hard for the NFL to ignore the discussions that will inevitably result from the media coverage of this insightful movie.

I asked Attorney Lombardi what he's seen from his 35 years of practicing in this area of personal injury. 

My first head injury case involved a 10 year old boy who while riding his bike was hit dead center by an oncoming car. His neck snapped and his head slapped the hood. His skull put a dent in the hood. This was in the early 80's and my law partners looked puzzled as I described a closed head injury during our weekly partners' meeting. No one in the room or in the case understood what I was talking about, except the parents and the neuropsychologist I hired as an expert. That was my first TBI settlement and the first time I helped parents understand what it would mean in the future for them to struggle with their son's inability to control his behavior. These head injury cases can have terribly complicated outcomes and if not understood can make life very hard for any family. Attorney Steve Lombardi

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