This is a simple and straightforward thing you can do when stopped and waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before you turn left of center. The situation is clear. You are stopped with traffic coming from ahead and behind you. You have on the turn signal and are watching ahead waiting for a chance to turn left of center. Every once in awhile you look in the rear view mirror and see a car or truck coming faster than you would like to see. You wonder if they will stop. What if the car coming up from the rear fails to stop? Are you prepared in a way that will avoid two collisions?  What can you do to avoid being hit not once but twice? Once by the guy coming up from the rear and then again with the guy coming from the opposite direction. Yes you can.

Simple, keep your front tires pointed straight ahead. Don’t turn them left while you wait to turn left. The reason is shown in the YouTube video below. That driver was struck from behind and because his front wheels were turned to the left he was pushed into the path of an oncoming truck.

This link comes to us from Clayton Stage, ISU grad and currently working in Colorado for one of America's defense contractors. Thanks Clayton.

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