The Iowa Senate put the House in its place quickly, very quickly, said "NO" to the House version of the texting while driving ban, which was written only for teens. In essence the Senate said, "Are you serious? Get real and stop wasting our time."

And I agree. It's sort of like the Iowa House is driving a Toyota and their gas pedal is stuck but the car is shifted into reverse. If you're going to ban texting do it for everyone. I'm beginning to see the texting drivers' signature front ends, all smashed. Confirmation of seen by looking at the clueless driver, still texting while driving.  Can you say "Clueless!".

Age isn't a guarantee of common sense; you'd think it would be but it's not. They are out there between 16 and 60, texting away to who knows who and about what who cars.

Steve Lombardi
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