Complexity of Workers Compensation Practices

Many potential clients call with the complaint that their employer's workers compensation program is not paying them benefits at all or not what they believe they are owed after a work injury.  These workers understandably believe that workers compensation exists to benefit the worker and assist him or her when injured on the job.  However, for those not familiar with the inner workings of the work comp insurance industry, it is difficult to understand why this is not necessarily the case. Like all insurance companies, worker's compensation insurance tries to reduce the amount of payouts as much as possible.  To do this, they will find any and every loophole and adverse fact they can to deny paying a worker benefits that are owed to them.  This is why such companies perform video surveillance of our clients and monitor their online social media accounts - they are looking for evidence that they can use against you to say either that your claimed work injury is not related to your work at all or is not as bad as you claim it is.  And this is the reason why workers' compensation attorneys like us are necessary - to keep the insurance companies from refusing to pay benefits when the worker is legitimately injured and in need of benefits.

If your case is confounding your rights give the Lombardi Law Firm a call and ask to speak with our lawyers about how your case might be put back on the right path.

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