Posting a video like this one is always a difficult decision because on the one hand you wonder if you are educating unsavory characters, but the information being provided is so important the cost to stop a crime so little that for the sake of honest people it is worth posting.

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You have to watch this video. You will feel like you are violating some law, but watch it anyway because the information is important to being able to understand which locks work, which do not and why most of the front door locks we use won’t keep a criminal from entering your home through the front door. Most of those we buy at Lowe's and HD are not good locks.

Thieves hope you don't understand what a bump key can do. A bump key allows thieves easy access to your home. So watch today's video and learn how to stop thieves from entering your home. 

When buying a lock it is all about the cylinder. An expensive lock with an inexpensive, poorly designed cylinder, is not a secure lock. So just buying an expensive lock won't keep your home safe. Knowing which cylinders are properly designed is important when choosing a new front door lock.

He uses a bump key and something to strike the key in the lock and with only these two items he can open a front door lock. If he uses an O Ring it becomes even easier. This is a something I wasn't aware of about choosing a front door lock. Scary stuff, I'm buying a bump proof lock.
He recommends Primus and Everest by Schlage. Those are bump proof. The key has an extra milling in the side of the key and an extra side pin. It is called a dual locking cylinder. I'm changing our front door lock! $150.00 for a bump proof lock.
Trilogies' programmable locks are commercial grade combination locks and are also good. 

Watch this video and the one that follows, because it is well-worth your time.  

And then be like Shannon and put some muscle behind your front door lock! 

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