Head Injured Football Player Will Live a Life of Misery

Here is the story from the business journal: A Bedford High School football player who suffered from a head injury and then a brain bleed; and who was allowed to keep practicing and playing football was awarded only $850,000 even though he has to use a wheelchair for mobility. The jury awarded more than $140,000 for the insurance and medical industries, but gave this poor kid just $850,000 for all past and future damages. Most news agencies are reporting the award at over $1,000,000 but Kacey Strough doesn’t get the first $140,000; that money went to the medical corporations. If you want to understand my disgust, just try riding around in a wheelchair for a week. ESPN, Jury awards injured Iowa football player Kasey Strough nearly $1M.

This young man will live a life of misery. And in Iowa a life of misery is worth just $850,000 minus attorney fees and litigation costs. 

Steve Lombardi
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