Adjusting claims isn’t about being fair – it’s about paying less.

Two reasons really and neither is in your best interest.

Insurance adjuster talk to those filing claims for two reasons and only two reasons – and I can prove it.

1.      See if they can get you to say something that gives them a reason to deny your claim.

2.      See if they can get you to say something that allows them to pay you less than the law reasonably requires.

Here let me prove I’m right.

Name one adjuster, who has ever said to someone filing a claim,

Adjuster:How much do you want to settle your claim?"

Claimant:Well, how about a $1,000.00 for the pain and suffering?”

Adjuster:A $1,000.00? No I can’t pay you that much, it wouldn’t be fair. You’re entitled to more than what you’ve asked me to pay you. How about if I pay you more than you asked for, would you accept more?”

Find me a place on one insurance company website that tells those who are injured by their insureds that the value of their time or pain/suffering or quality of life has any value whatsoever.

State FarmYour good neighbor.

AllStateYou’re in good hands. Or We’ll give you something to smile about.

ProgressiveName your price.

Farm Bureau -

Allied / NationwideIs on your side.

Farmers Insurance GroupPlanning is your best protection against the unexpected.

I didn't think so, I rest my case.

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