Nurse LogicThis is the absolute worst campaign slogan I’ve ever seen – it’s complete and utter rubbish. A friend from Chicago sent it to me. I take great offense when anyone running for public office tries to persuade voters to ignore their lacking qualifications for office by maligning lawyers. Not all lawyers are bad. Just like not all nurses are good. 

Please! NO MORE Nurses in Hospitals! Steve Lombardi, Lawyer - For HEAD ICU NURSE! I'll make sure your hospital has the sharpest needles!  Lawyer by day, nurse by night! After all if people are dying in hospitals it must be the NURSES who are responsible! Send them to Congress instead!

Unqualified Lawyers

Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt - All bums! More unqualified lawyers! Where were the nurses? If these four were nurses we'd be Cuba or Argentina.

Apparently Laureen Cummings is a nurse and she’s running for Congress from Old Forge, Pennsylvania. She’s asserting that being a lawyer is somehow a disqualification to be in Congress. I respectfully (well maybe disrespectfully) disagree with her. If someone who is not educated about the law is qualified for Congress than my lack of medical training must make me qualified to tend to sick patients.

Mom always says ignorance is bliss

It's not being a lawyer that is the problem; actually that's a qualification towards competency (one which Larueen doesn't have); it's the person who is bad. Just because they are a lawyer has little if anything to do with why they are bad. There are bad doctors, nurses, farmers, accountants, just as there are bad lawyers.

See the Nurses Hall of Shame below: According to her logic all of these nurses were qualified to be Congressman and Congresswoman. Great Laureen, with politicians like you to what office would you elect Jeffrey Dahmer?

If Ms. Cummings hasn't the basic understanding of logic, she ovsoulsy not qualified for Congress. Do us all a favor and go back to nursing. 

Nurse Dahmer


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