Mike Bryant wrote an interesting piece on the underlying facts behind the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ads and how distorted the conclusions are from the facts that underlie those ads. What I believe Mike concludes is that if you examine the facts the conclusions seems to be a mockery of the truth. Mike’s analysis shows just how naïve people are when it comes to believing a firmly stated conclusion presented by someone with money. In essence the Chamber has “Madoff” with the truth. I find this subject fascinating because during the Bush Administration it was like we were in Alice's looking glass. And now hardly anyone who voted for him will admit it.

Guess What: The U S Chamber TV Ad Attack Really Did Need A Closer Look, Mike Bryant, November 3, 2009, 3:27 PM

For me, the truth with the US Chamber of Communism is a fleeting thought. They operate sort of like a communist regime and like most communist regimes the truth isn't something that gets in the way of stating the conclusion we are all to believe; irrespective of the facts. Like any communist culture the end run is always the same, corruption infects those in power for the sake of taking a profit from the citizens that actually did the work or saved their earnings. It just happened and it’s happening repeatedly, and under their watch. But when it comes to corporate corruption and irresponsible citizenship the US Chamber along with the other two evil triplets say nothing.

You’ve got the ATRA and the Chinese arm of the Chamber. Together they brought us Y2K, Enron, Worldcom, Health South, Wall Street bonuses, Madoff, Davis Investments, hedge funds and now CDO’s backed by liar’s loans and then raiding the Treasury through a $700 Billion bailout. Think for a minute about why this seems to be happening at an increasingly faster pace and the fact we’ve heard nothing of any significance from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the ATRA or their evil sister in China. Trillions of your hard earned money, savings that were put away for a rainy day, dividends that never get paid to the shareholders and now your tax dollars bailing out the very CEO’s who created the latest mess; and we hear nothing about corruption and corporate irresponsibility from those who claim to be the corporate honor guard in America. How can that be?

Why isn’t the U.S. Chamber of Commerce saying anything about the SEC’s look the other way approach in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme?

We saved our pennies in pension funds and they robbed us of it. Then they told you if you don’t give us bonuses that we didn’t’ earn, we won’t be able to rob you anymore – AND THAT’S UNAMERICAN! Of course with this being America the U.S. branch of the Chamber of Commerce change their approach, not by much but enough to distract most voters from the truth that they were being robbed. And that’s the point of how they are operating; in the end the truth still suffers and never seems to get in the way of the conclusion they want the American public to believe. Truth is exactly the opposite of what the Chamber preaches. Their style is commonly referred to in Communist countries as propaganda.

Below are several video clips: One of the CCP and several others of the US Chamber of Commerce. Is this the America they stand for? As for the CCP versus US Chamber of Communism, each would have its people believe free thought and speech is anti-Country. Each believes they have the only good ideas. Each organization believes in a lack of tolerance and hording the profit earned by public corporations.. Each is rigid in thought, rejects the acceptance of new ideas and each believes in itself and not the people that did the actual work. They claim those who ask for a piece of the pie aren’t sacrificing for the good of the country, while those in charge reap billions in unearned bonuses and stock options. In each instance they steal what they can’t get legitimately. Welcome to Wall Street and Madoff’s world of thugs roaming the hallways of Wall Street glad-handing with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the ATRA. Mind you I’m a Republican saying this. Those on Wall Street stole from me just like they did you Democrats.

Remember Senator Ted Stevens and the charges in Alaska?

Here is the challenge the U.S. Chamber of Commerce faces and ignores. The U.S. Chamber believes Wall Street’s CEO’s in charge of mismanaged public corporations actually earned billions of dollars in bonuses and yet they strongly oppose (d) quality of life damages for those injured through no fault of their own. The Chamber preaches that common citizens should receive no compensation when the mistakes of others cause their arms and legs to have to be amputated and then hand out Participation Trophy bonuses to the Wall Street gang. It’s an unconscionable position they take: One that sanctions Wall Street corruption and denies quality of life and an earned retirement to working Americans. We’ve seen and heard this before. Their rhetoric is a throw back to the Stalinist Era with the Communist Manifesto that believed no one was entitled to pain and suffering damages or a decent retirement since all workers owed their pain and suffering to the state. (or the Red Army)

Who are the real Americans? Where are the real Americans? Why are they putting up with this?

You do realize the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is in China? They are no longer the U.S. Chamber, but instead appear to me to be the U.S. Chamber of Communism, exporting our jobs overseas, spending tens of millions of dollars on ads meant to disenfranchise American taxpayers from American workers and thereby allowing more American jobs to be exported, while real Americans stand around arguing. This Chamber is not on our side. They are in every sense a false “profit”. And I have to wonder if the Chinese Communist Party isn’t providing financial support for their work. It would make complete sense that they would; because the more jobs America loses, the more China gains and the wider the U.S. trade deficit. If you were Chinese why wouldn’t you want a greater trade deficit and all the American manufacturing jobs? What is occurring is the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. And don’t wait for the Congress to come to your aid because through campaign contributions our Congressmen and women work for corporate America, not the voters.


Who really is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

These guys ought to do a little traveling and I’m not referring from the board room to the water cooler.

The Bonus Boys at AIG – Good US Chamber Members

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce should disclose all of its contributors, even those from Communist China.

I apologize for the length of this post, but this subject bothers me and it should you. Our jobs, the American middle class and the welfare of our country is at stake. We took this country back during the 1960's and 70's and we can do it again. Join me by protesting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its evil twins, The USCCC and the ATRA. They are ruining America, but together if we reject their ideas, we can take back our country. To do so we need to get back to the basics of honesty.

Steve Lombardi
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