Injured WorkersQuestion: How long is long-term disability supposed to last especially if you were injured on the job? I am no longer able to work, due to a slip & fall on the job in 2009 where I broke my hip & now have four screws holding my hip & leg together. I really am confused on what I should be doing.

Answer: I'm not sure how to answer your question. You ask about "long-term disability", which normally refers to a private disability insurance contract as opposed to a mandatory workers’ compensation insurance program. You describe a workers' compensation injury, (i.e., "slip & fall on the job") but do not say you are receiving workers' compensation benefits. If that were clarified I could answer your question. Under a LTD insurance policy you'd have to read the terms of the contract. Under Iowa's work comp laws disability payments could go on for your life, although that would depend on your age, education, work experience, injury, and many other factors. An injury to your hip is a non-scheduled injury, as opposed to a scheduled injury. Non-scheduled injuries are compensated by looking at how the recovered injury has affected your employability or you’re earning capacity. Scheduled injuries do not take into consideration a loss of employability. Yeah, it’s a big ouch for the injured worker. 

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