Slipping On Coffee At WorkIs A Break Room Injury Covered By Workers' Compensation?

What if you are at work, but not doing the exact job you were hired to do, and you get hurt? Let us say you took a break and started walking to the lunch room and you slipped on some spilled coffee. The first question you might have is whether or not this injury event is going to be covered by workers’ compensation or if you should file it under your health insurance policy.

The quick answer is, “Yes, it is covered under Iowa’s workers’ compensation program.

Why Is An Injury On The Way To The Break Room Covered By Workers' Compensation In Iowa?

For an injury to be covered under Iowa’s workers’ compensation program, “the injury has to have occurred while in and arises out of the employment”. Arising out of and in the course of the employment, are legal terms with an entire history of law deciphering the meaning. So forget about that and just focus on what you need to know. Focus instead on the location required by your employment. You have to be at work to do your job. The break room is a part of your place of employment. Had you not been at work, you would not likely have slipped in the coffee puddle. And… co-workers do get sloppy, messy and yes they even do unintentionally spill coffee. This is to be expected in the work environment. It is all reasonable to expect that spilled coffee will be a risk attendant to working in many places of employment.

So fear not, your ruptured disc and need for back surgery will be covered by Iowa’s workers’ compensation program.

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