In this case the lawyer as the client was in his office for a deposition. From the story it appears he was also the client. The story speaks for itself about the widow or widower's claim for death benefits. But there are other potential claimants for workers' compensation benefits - the co-employees who experience a shooting at the work site. Some will suffer from PTSD while others will suffer full blown panic attacks, rendering them disabled. In other instances the employee who is shot does not die, instead requires medical attention. Our office has had a workers’ compensation case where the injured employee was shot by a robber and suffered from the bullet injury along with posttraumatic stress syndrome. I know of other cases here in Iowa where similar facts engendered a workers’ compensation claim. There is one out of Cedar Rapids involving a convenience store employee.

Violence in the workplace will likely produce several claims of a psychological nature. The law allows for these claims.

If you are the victim of workplace violence, guns or otherwise, you can get counseling and psychotherapy paid for by the Iowa workers’ compensation insurance company that insures the employer. If we can help you with your claim give us a call.

Now here is the story from various news sources.

Lawyer is shot and killed at deposition

Lawyer is shot and killed at deposition - A Mississippi lawyer was shot and killed on Friday at a deposition at his office in Clarksdale.

The lawyer, Ellis Pittman, died before he could be airlifted to Memphis for treatment, report WREG (in stories here and here), and the Associated Press, which quotes a story in the Clarksdale Press Register(sub. req.).

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