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Let's take a look today at financial issues involving public money and the public's trust. You will recall my earlier post about financial news in Iowa.

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I'd never visited the website for Iowa's State Auditor so when I saw the number of reports online I was frankly impressed. This is one state official that is working for what they get paid. Question to be answered is whether they are overworked and underpaid?

In other financial news the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division is being accused of misspending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on artwork, leather chairs, bicycles, a camper, high-definition televisions and other items during a four year period. Hmmmm.... I wish Barbara and I could buy those through the Lombardi Law Firm or our commercial real estate business. The IABD is also under review for questionable practices having to do with bidding out work for office renovations. If this is the office I tried to locate it's in a building with no sign and seems to be hiding from the general public or at least attempting to stay under the public's radar screen. Governor Culver's office could do well to investigate how this office is being run. I'd start with a visit, assuming his office can find the building.

To read the kCCI story follow this link. The audit report from the Office Of Auditor of State, State of Iowa is available and we will provide a copy of the same on the Lombardi Law Firm website. In fact you access all current audit reports of interest on the State of Iowa - Auditor site. I'm going to cover this in another blog post.

Well here is a list of the most recent auditor reports from the Office of Auditor that you may find of interest. The public trust is always involved when someone has discretion over spending public funds.

Special Reports

The Office of Auditor of State has issued the following Special Reports during the last year:

Special Investigation of the Newell Ambulance Service

Special Investigation of the City of Collins Library

City of Waverly Reaudit

Special Investigation of Squaw Township

Juvenile Detention Home Fund Administered by the Department of Human Services

Special Investigation of the Tama County Clerk of Court and the Tama County Sheriff's Office

City of Van Wert

City of Harper

Review of the IowaCare Program Administered by the Department of Human Services

Special Investigation of the Cedar Rapids Community School District

State of Iowa FY 2009 Single Audit Report

Special Investigation of the City of New Albin

Special Investigation of the Oran Township in Fayette County

Special Investigation of the Rodman Volunteer Fire Department and Park and Recreation Department

Review on Aging Resources of Central Iowa (ARCI)

Review of Eligibility Requirements for the Family and Child Medical Assistance Programs Under the Medicaid Program Administered by the Department of Human Services

Special Investigation of the City of Crawfordsville

Review of the Transportation Enhancement Program of the Iowa Department of Transportation

Special Investigation of the City of Hills Fire Department

Special Investigation of the City of Truro

Review of Payments Made Subsequent to Recipients' Dates of Death Under the Medicaid Program Administered by the Department of Human Services

Review of the Department of Natural Resources Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

Review of the Driver's License Issuance Program Administered by the Department of Transportation and the County Treasurers

Review of the Unemployment Insurance Tax Redesign Project Administered by Iowa Workforce Development

City of Ottumwa Reaudit

City of St. Charles Reaudit

Special Investigation of the Keokuk County Sheriff's Office

Special Report on the Former Russell Community School District

Special Investigation of Iowa Association of Skills USA-VICA

Special Investigation of the Black Hawk County Clerk of Court

Special Investigation of the UNI Malcolm Price Laboratory School

Review of the Abandoned Mined Land Reclamation Program

Special Investigation of the City of Lacona

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